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“He was never optimistic about the future ahead - who knew what would become of him? At least now, having gained a soulmate meant that death for him would be regretless. He knew that her shadow would always accompany him, comfort him. And even if she had watched him with hatred, those final emotions he saw from her bore such intensity that no previous sentiments mattered other than the passion of that moment. Fate pit them against one another as predator and prey, as tiger and gazelle in an ultimate game of wit and dominance. But that same game would also define both their existences - she would live as his woman, and die as his ghost.”

                                                       -  色、戒 Lust, Caution

Heavily inspired by the Film  色、戒 Lust, Caution “ 

Big thanks to fuku-shuu and that one Rivamika fan that suggested the idea!
was just supposed to draw them in 1930/1940’s Shanghai clothes, but I decided to watch the movie and got my heart ripped out of my chest burned to dust and fed to alien chickens in Jupiter.

THIS movie is screaming rivamika!

and this guy is Eren fucking Jaeger!

This movie made me cry and I LOVE IT!.. warning though if you guys plan on watching it, its VERY EXPLICIT. Only three scenes though, it was actually very meaningful, i get teary when i watch those scenes idek.


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Who the hell are you guys?


transparent “fake” mirai from the kyoukai no kanata mini theater #2

please don’t delete this caption!!

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Mikasa Ackerman + Color Palettes


eren jaeger piloting a jaeger while drinking jaeger and carrying a jaeger bag

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I am... Zangetsu. 

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And  hope  dies  last



by 雅樹 on pixiv


I am Zangetsu! by DivineImmortality

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